Is This Sincerity Or Is This A Joke? (babylonlipstick) wrote,
Is This Sincerity Or Is This A Joke?

random wow bit but... *nerd alert*

1st guild...ka tet
left due to GM being a stupid, pretentious prick

2nd guild...legio ferrata
left due to christian awkwardness

invitations from SPQR, Good Times, and Thanatos. Rejected Good Times since the only person I knew it it left and said they sucked.

Guild Name: The Ka Tet
Server Ranking: 98
Horde Ranking: 28

Guild Name: Legio Ferrata
Server Ranking: 100
Horde Ranking: 31

Guild Name: Thanatos
Server Ranking: 102
Horde Ranking: 32

Guild Name: SPQR
Server Ranking: 105
Horde Ranking: 35

wow...why are they all so close.
i had 1st hunter ranking in legio ferrata. i will get it if i join thanatos, too. ironically i will get 2nd hunter spot if i'm in SPQR only since their GM is a hunter. I miss a couple of legio ferrata members like pete, mo, and khi. from the ka tet i only missed dave and then he left for Death By SnuSnu anyway.  it's too bad the rest of legio ferrata won't let me say god's name in vein or some bullshit. thanatos ftw? i guess i'll find out soon.

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