Is This Sincerity Or Is This A Joke? (babylonlipstick) wrote,
Is This Sincerity Or Is This A Joke?


it went alright.
better than i expected, worse than i had hoped (i like that line)
brett said "be yourself"
so i didn't do anything stupid trying to impress or be cool, yet still managed to make her laugh and keep her attention for a couple hours after the movie was over.

during the movie was the worst, man. she was fidgetting with something.
made me nervous. the only time i had to control "being myself"
since my heart was kind of beating quickly but i didn't want to breathe heavily outloud and sound like a fat asthma kid.
or worse, the anxious wreck i am XD
honestly, though, i enjoyed her company, and i hope to see her again soon.

tomorrow i am calling her and asking her out on a 2nd date. yes? no? we'll see.
i'll keep my fingers crossed...i think literally for this one.

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